#MakingSpace On Tour

Click here for the report on the maiden exhibition at Union St Cafe, Nov 2018. Making Space Zine (44 exhibits across 16 pages)Download There are currently plans (some more advanced than others) to bring the exhibition to Leeds, Manchester, London, Bristol, and Glastonbury Festival in 2019. In particular, I am searching for either publicly-accessible university space or 'autonomous' spaces for hosting the exhibition (preferably the latter). Most important criteria is the … Continue reading #MakingSpace On Tour


Report: Making Space Exhibition (Sheffield)

Making Space: an exhibition of squatting, trespass, and direct housing action. Union St Cafe at part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. Sheffield, 5-10th Nov 2018. Squatting, trespass, and occupation have a long and radical history in the UK which is often overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten; yet parallels and shapes the way we think … Continue reading Report: Making Space Exhibition (Sheffield)