205,293 Empty English Homes

The Empty Homes Agency (EHA), established in 1992, describe their campaign as bringing empty homes into use for people in housing need, with a focus on 'long-term' empty homes (empty for more than 6 months) seeing these as the most problematic vacancies (given that other homes might only be empty whilst in transition between owners or during … Continue reading 205,293 Empty English Homes


Homeless People; Peopleless Homes

'the ownership of a property is a secondary consideration to the fact that it is empty’ (Post-War Squatters, cited in Watson, 2016, p. 101), Despite promises that the free market can allocate resources fairly and efficiently according to principle of supply and demand, ensuring that each get what they need (but most importantly, 'deserve'); the … Continue reading Homeless People; Peopleless Homes