Report: Brighton & Glastonbury 2019 Exhibitions

A Right to home?, University of Brighton,
6-7th June 2019

With thanks to Deanna and Sarah for inviting me.

Guestbook Comments from Brighton.
Just beyond amazing! Cheers

Inspiring, empowering! Crowdsourcing additional info is such a great approach! Kudos!

Mandala Stage, Glastonbury Festival 2019
26th-30th June 2019

With many thanks to Finn for helping me put the exhibition on.

Guestbook comments from Glastonbury Festival

Great exhibition, such an interesting subject, can’t imagine anyone not wanting to know more about it. Keep up the interesting work. Big Love. x

Made me realise that I need to do some more reading! Great stuff. Cheers.

Peace and love xx

Amazing – v. important given Glasto’s roots.

Awesome thank you so much for archiving. So much we can learn from our past.


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