#MakingSpace On Tour

Click here for the report on the maiden exhibition at Union St Cafe, Nov 2018.

There are currently plans (some more advanced than others) to bring the exhibition to Leeds, Manchester, London, Bristol, and Glastonbury Festival in 2019. In particular, I am searching for either publicly-accessible university space or ‘autonomous’ spaces for hosting the exhibition (preferably the latter). Most important criteria is the ability to keep the exhibition on display for at least a week, and scope for engaging with local campaigns or groups as part of networking events or supplying materials for an info-table.

If you are interested in hosting the exhibition, please get in contact:

glastonbury Festival 26-30th June 2019

Displayed at the Mandala Stage, Green Futures Fields.

University of Brighton, 6-7th June 2019

As part of ‘A Right to Home? Understanding and Responding to Housing Inequality’.
Event Page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-right-to-home-understanding-and-responding-to-housing-inequality-tickets-61781023705#

Leeds Beckett University, 12th March 2019

Event Page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ceasr-event-making-space-an-exhibition-and-talk-on-squatting-trespass-and-direct-housing-action-tickets-55766109936
Location: Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University, Portland Way, LS1 3HB

In March, #makingspace heads to Leeds for a one-day event. This will include a student workshop around squatting, followed by an informal opportunity to browse the exhibition and discuss squatting, trespass, and direct housing action. Our hosts are The Centre for Applied Social Research (CeASR) in the School of Social Sciences.

New Roots Sheffield, 21st Jan – 9th Feb 2019

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/748741248842585/
Launch event: Tuesday 22nd Jan
Reading group on Vasudevan’s “Autonomous City” (intro + chapter 2), 
with opportunity to ask questions to the author: Thursday 7th Feb,
Location: 347 Glossop Road, near to the University of Sheffield campus and Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Click here for directions.

Founded in 1987, New Roots is a volunteer-run, non-for-profit community shop, providing ethical local and Fairtrade products, including organic fruit and vegetables, as well as space for reflection, relaxation, and activism. They also specialise in vegan & gluten free snacks and products, as well as running a weekly veg box scheme powered entirely by cyclists.

Revenue from the shop goes to support asylum seekers and refugees in Sheffield (particularly through Assist Sheffield who support some of the most vulnerable people living in the city – people who have been unsuccessful in their applications for asylum, despite facing unimaginable horrors of war, violence and persecution).

Guestbook comments from the New Roots Exhibition
‘A fantastic exhibition! Such an amazing history – its easy to forget and take it all for granted – thanks!’

‘Really excellent – comprehensive, informative, clear and concise from the best radical perspective.’

‘This is amazing! So impressed by how much you’ve covered and how interestingly it’s presented. This archiving is so important for our movement. Thank you + Solidarity.’

‘This is a fortunate opportunity to drop by your shop. The movement to keep it natural is very important. Thank you.’

‘Well done to everyone in putting the exhibition together.’

‘Thank you for putting together such a great exhibition about this really important issue. So interesting and informative.’

‘Thanks for this – I just found the extra boards – hope you get to show it in a bigger space.’

‘Keep getting the message out – its a scandal that buildings lie empty while people need homes! Buildings for people’s need, not for making money for those who’ve already got it.’

‘Many thanks – memories of Stepney and Hackney during the 70’s. Squatting then was a community experience. Never forgotten.’

‘Thanks for enabling this exhibition – so intel!’

from Twitter:
‘Went to see Sam’s exhibition on my lunch break yesterday… really recommend spending some time checking out this fantastic radical history project.’

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