FOIs: Property Guardian Companies

The results of three freedom of information requests submitted to Lambeth, Wandsworth, and Southwark councils in March 2018; as well as Haringey council in October 2018.

1. Number of building under council stewardship which are currently being protected by property guardian companies

Lambeth – 10

Southwark – 9

Haringey – 9

Wandsworth – 9

2. The titles of said companies and the details of arrangements with them (including length of contract, costs and charges, services provided…)

Lambeth – Information about Propery Guardian Services used by Lambeth Council is publicly available at the below link:

Southwark – Companies: Global, AD-Hoc, & VPS / Costs & charges: 0 (yet to be confirmed with housing officers).

Haringey – Global Guardians, 3 year contract (currently in the process of procurement exercise for re-tendering the contract). Global Guardians currently provide guardian services for buildings that are empty, while Haringey does the Hard FM services for the buildings (e.g. statutory testing, pre-planned maintenance, reactive maintenance works). Total annual income receive from contracts with property guardian companies for 17/18 was £89,400.

Wandsworth – Companies: Camelot (contract commenced 1 Feb 2017), & Grandploy (contract commenced 24th Oct 2017). Under both contracts there is no revenue sharing arrangement with either guardian company. The guardian companies are responsible for utility consumption at the various premises, managing waste fire safety and costs associated with adhoc repairs. The guardian companies will manage the recruitment, screening and placement of suitable persons to guard the various premises thus providing day-to-day protection of the Council’s buildings and providing security to the same.

Releasing details of the costs and charges specified in the contracts would be likely to prejudice the commercial interest of the two companies, as it could weaken their position in a competitive market by placing market sensitive information in the public domain, and to which other companies might refer should the Council decide to negotiate with other providers in the future. Disclosure would also be likely to prejudice the Council’s ability to secure the best possible value for any future contracts, as companies may be unwilling to provide the full information required if they believe this will be disclosed to competitors. This exemption requires the Council to consider the public interest test and, whilst the Council recognises the public interest in the transparency of the procurement process, it must consider the strong public interest in securing best value for taxpayers. As a consequence, we judge that the greater public interest lies in withholding these parts of the requested information. Accordingly, we are withholding this information under S43 of the FOIA.


3. The addresses of said properties

Lambeth & Wandsworth – Your request for information has been considered. The information you have requested relating to property guardians is exempt from disclosure under the Act under Section 31(1)(a).

Southwark – Postcodes SE1 (1), SE5 (4), SE16 (1), SE17 (2), SE24 (1)

Haringey – Postcodes N17 (4), N15 (2), N10 (1), N22 (1)

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