Report: Brighton & Glastonbury 2019 Exhibitions

A Right to home?, University of Brighton, 6-7th June 2019 With thanks to Deanna and Sarah for inviting me. Guestbook Comments from Brighton.Just beyond amazing! CheersInspiring, empowering! Crowdsourcing additional info is such a great approach! Kudos! Mandala Stage, Glastonbury Festival 201926th-30th June 2019 With many thanks to Finn for helping me put the exhibition on. … Continue reading Report: Brighton & Glastonbury 2019 Exhibitions


Origins of the Squatter Symbol

Article by Amanda Wasielewski. An artist and writer whose research intersects media, art, and architecture. She holds a PhD in Art History from the CUNY Graduate Center and is the author of Made in Brooklyn: Artists, Hipsters, Makers, Gentrifiers (2018). This research was completed thanks to funding from the Social Sciences Research Council. Email:¬† 'From … Continue reading Origins of the Squatter Symbol